Protect Your Investment with a Comprehensive Inspection

Inspections play a pivotal role in saving you money and future hassles. A crucial step in the purchase agreement is requesting a comprehensive whole house inspection soon after an accepted offer.

Key Points to Consider

Purpose of Inspection

  • Identify hidden issues not easily visible during a standard walk-through.
  • Attend the inspection or meet with the inspector afterward to review findings.

Inspector’s Role

  • The inspector is a generalist, covering a broad range of items in the report.
  • The report may include suggestions for maintenance and items requiring specialist review.

Realtor’s Support

  • Your realtor will offer guidance and negotiate resolutions for outstanding issues.
  • Sellers aren’t obligated to make additional repairs, leading to potential negotiations.

Highlighted Inspection Priorities

  • Mold — Be vigilant for mold during property walkthroughs, often caused by poor air circulation or water leaks.
  • Pests — Address any pest problems, especially signs of termites, with specific inspections recommended by your agent.
  • Outdated Fixtures and Wiring — Take seriously any wires hanging out of drywall, outdated wiring, or overloaded circuits, as they can pose fire hazards.
  • Faulty Foundations — Cracks in the foundation can indicate potential issues, requiring further investigation due to the costly nature of foundation repairs.

Don’t overlook these crucial aspects during the inspection process to ensure a secure and informed investment in your Florida home.


For recommended inspectors, contact your Sea Glass Florida Properties real estate agent.